2022 General Assembly Wrap-Up
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The 2022 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session was a mixture of in-person and virtual hearings depending on when the hearing took place and which chamber was acting. Important questions about legislative accessibility are being asked and MPGV strongly believes that more attention should be devoted to these matters before the start of 2023. Gun violence numbers around the country are stunningly high making it essential that legislators focus on solutions backed by data and research. Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers and our partnerships with legislators and national gun violence prevention groups we are making steady progress toward addressing gun violence from a myriad of angles.

We know that this is not a problem that can be solved with a single piece of legislation. The reasons why gun violence is so high in the United States are vast and solutions will need to come from addressing the easy availability of guns, caring for victims of trauma, and addressing systemic racism and poverty among other things. We celebrate the successes we have from the 2022 session even as we begin to look to 2023. Thank you for your support in this journey to save lives.