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Advocacy in Action

Shaping Gun Violence Prevention Policies

Advocacy in Action:

Shaping Gun Violence Prevention Policies.

MPGV has been a leader in Maryland gun violence prevention advocacy for over 20 years, helping to establish some of the strongest firearm safety laws in the country. We understand that gun violence stems from various social and legal issues that have developed over centuries. It is most prevalent in areas with significant social and economic inequities and is exacerbated by the widespread availability of firearms.

At MPGV, we advance legislative policies to reduce easy access to lethal weapons and to address the long-standing underinvestment in communities that have been marginalized. Our approach to gun violence prevention is holistic: sometimes it involves banning ghost guns, and other times it means supporting initiatives like the Red Line. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats.

While we collaborate with national gun violence prevention partners, we are uniquely positioned to address Maryland’s specific needs from a state perspective. We recognize the need for federal gun policy reform, but historically, most gun policy has been enacted at the state level and we are here to guide that policy to a safer future.

Shaping Gun Violence Prevention Policies.
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