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Empowering Change

Fighting for a Future Free from Gun Violence Through Education and Collaboration.

Maryland gun violence education

MPGV (Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence) tackles the issue of gun violence through a comprehensive range of initiatives aimed at both addressing and preventing this pressing concern. Our multifaceted approach includes:

    1. Grief Support Program: Operating within an elementary school situated in a deeply affected community, we provide a dedicated grief support program. This initiative offers compassionate assistance to students who have faced profound loss or trauma due to gun violence.
    2.  Statewide Violence Prevention Coalition: We proudly co-chair a dynamic statewide coalition focused on violence prevention. By uniting diverse individuals and organizations from various sectors related to gun violence prevention, we foster a collaborative environment for holistic and impactful solutions.
    3. Educational Literature: MPGV takes an active role in enhancing public awareness and knowledge about existing and emerging gun laws. We develop and distribute informative literature to empower the public with the information they need to better understand these crucial regulations.
    4. Community Engagement Events: Through hosting and participating in engaging events, we involve citizens in a shared effort to construct a society that is resilient against gun violence. These events encourage open dialogue, foster understanding, and inspire collective action toward a safer future.

At MPGV, we are committed to effecting lasting change in the realm of gun violence prevention. Through these diverse programs and collaborations, we strive to create a safer, more informed, and engaged society, working tirelessly towards a future free from the impact of gun violence.

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