We’re working to…

We’re working to reduce gun violence in Maryland through evidence-based solutions.


Our Mission

[service icon=”fa fa-gavel” title=”Protect Maryland’s 2013 Firearms Safety Act” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]The Act put in place some of the strongest gun violence prevention laws in the nation, including fingerprint-based licensing for gun purchases. [/service][service icon=”fa fa-bullhorn” title=”Promote Handgun Purchaser Licensing” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]Handguns are used in 9 out of every 10 gun deaths. A licensing system helps keep handguns out of the hands of those who should not have them.[/service][service icon=”fa fa-tasks” title=”Support and Promote Quality Research” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]We work closely with the best gun violence researchers in the nation to determine what’s working and then spread the word.[/service]
[service icon=”fa fa-institution” title=”Strengthen Gun Violence Prevention Laws” position=”left” fx_effect=”fade-from-right”]We will work to close loopholes in our current laws and make sure they are enforced.[/service][service icon=”fa fa-group” title=”Expand Our Work Within Communities” position=”left” fx_effect=”fade-from-right”]Too often, communities at ground zero of this epidemic are left out of the discussion. We aim to fix that.[/service][service icon=”fa fa-play-circle-o” title=”Educate & Raise Awareness” position=”left” fx_effect=”fade-from-right”] We will work to raise awareness throughout Maryland on policies and programs to prevent gun homicide and suicide.[/service]