Let the bullies hide behind their posters
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Looks like the gun lobby has been keeping an eye on our work and they aren’t happy! They want to shame us for raising our voices to pass meaningful gun reform. They want to shame us for daring to oppose them. They want to shame us for putting the safety of our families and communities over their desire for unfettered access to weapons of war.

They cannot shame us. They cannot bully us.

We know you, our supporters, cannot always take the time to travel to Annapolis, but you can all be there with us in spirit. Any size donation will assist us in our efforts to fight bad bills in Annapolis and work to pass evidence-based legislation to keep Maryland a leader in gun violence prevention.

Your support also provides the added bonus of ruffling the gun lobby’s feathers. But seriously, this is no laughing matter. With your support, we can not only fight to pass our own priority bills, but we can defeat the wave of bills the gun lobby has drafted to undermine our current laws.

It takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort to fight that number of bills. Please give in whatever amount you can spare.

We can’t afford to let them win or think they’ve bullied us into acquiescence. Let the bullies hide behind their posters. It’s time for us to get to work and we need your support!

If you haven’t yet signed the petition calling on Gov. Hogan to support a ban on bump stocks and other trigger accessories, please add your name here.