About Us

Our Mission

To reduce gun violence in Maryland through evidence-based solutions.

Our Vision

A society where gun violence is the exception, not the norm.

Our Guiding Principle

 We believe all Marylanders have a right to live free from gun violence. We pursue the goal of gun violence free communities through policy development, empowerment through strategic education, and effective advocacy at the community and legislative levels.

 Our work is guided by our values: a commitment to address gun violence in all its forms, from suicide, to intimate partner homicide, to mass shootings, to the daily shootings that never make headlines; the integrity to embrace evidence-based policies and accurate statistics; the determination to find thoughtful solutions; and a priority to support community-led implementation of programs.

 Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence (MPGV) is a leader in the state level gun violence prevention movement. We have secured major victories in drafting, passing, and implementing Maryland legislation at a time when gridlock has stymied gun legislation at the federal level. We are willing to work across party lines to find common ground to move forward with bipartisan support. Legislators from the national and local level reach out to us for advice and guidance. In addition to strengthening our laws and closing loopholes, MPGV analyzes the implementation of gun laws to ensure optimum effectiveness.

 MPGV is dedicated to fighting the corporate gun lobby and its agenda, which seeks to undermine and weaken Maryland’s gun laws. We are the only Maryland-based organization that actively works to defeat dangerous legislation proposed by gun rights extremists.

 MPGV educates the public and lawmakers on gun violence prevention in many ways, including leading forums on existing laws and “Advocacy 101” trainings on Maryland policies; empowering youth and impacted communities to raise their voices; and working with partners to address the root causes of violence. At MPGV, we collaborate with partner groups to create a united gun violence prevention front and amplify our voices.

 MPGV is leading the way forward. We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our initiatives, and help us fight for freedom from gun violence.