Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence Responds to the Supreme Court Decision to Deny Cert to the Appeal of Maryland’s Assault Weapon Ban

November 27

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 27, 2017   Media Advisory   Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence Responds to the Supreme Court Decision to Deny Cert to the Appeal of Maryland’s Assault Weapon Ban   Baltimore, MD (November 27, 2017) – Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence issued the following statement on today’s Supreme Court decision on Maryland’s […]

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Asking the hard questions and looking for real answers

October 16

I have listened to the constant stream of news coverage regarding the shooting in Las Vegas for the past two weeks. The media has attempted to make sense of the tragedy, but attempting to make sense of a nonsensical event is a dangerous exercise. Reporters have questioned the shooter’s motive and sanity. A news outlet […]

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Press Release: Legislation Banning “Bump-Fire” Stocks to be Introduced in Maryland in 2018

October 6

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 6, 2017 Contact: Jen Pauliukonis 410-925-0954 Legislation Banning “Bump-Fire” Stocks to be Introduced in Maryland in 2018 Device Used in Vegas Shooting allows Semi-Automatic Weapons to Fire Continuously BALTIMORE, MD – Maryland State Senator Bill Ferguson and Delegate David Moon plan to introduce legislation that would ban the sale of […]

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What happened in Las Vegas

October 2

I’m angry. I’m heartbroken. I woke up at 6:30 am on Monday morning to news that should be unimaginable: a devastating mass shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. A man stood in a hotel room with an arsenal of high-powered rifles and shot out the window, taking 58 lives. There were […]

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245 homicides in Baltimore

September 22

245 homicides in Baltimore. That’s what it finally took to get help from the state for Baltimore’s gun violence epidemic. Too many people view Baltimore’s homicides as Baltimore’s problems, but Baltimore is the heart and soul of the state and the everyone needs to stand up and collaborate to find solutions. A joint hearing with […]

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Remembering Kevin

August 30

Greta is a strong, smart, and powerful black woman who carries the pain and trauma of watching her youngest son gunned down. On Saturday, August 26, Jen and I joined Greta for the 10th Annual Kevin L. Cooper Foundation Youth Festival and Peace Walk to celebrate her child and raise awareness in the community about […]

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A ray of light on a very dark day

August 17

I grew up in Lexington, Virginia, a beautiful town nestled in the Shenandoah Valley just south of Charlottesville. My father taught at Washington and Lee University (as in General Robert E. Lee). I lived on Stonewall Street and was born in Stonewall Jackson Hospital (as in General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson). When I was in […]

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Mommy, why are all the dead men black?

August 12

(by Liz Banach, Executive Director, Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence) Baltimore in the summer is known for picnic tables covered in brown paper and blue crabs, block parties, art festivals and, sadly, a dramatic increase in violence. I’ve spent many humid June and July evenings attending vigils, birthday celebrations, and life celebrations for young men […]

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Baltimore Peace Walk 2017

August 7

by Jen Pauliukonis :: When I first heard about the idea to declare a ceasefire in Baltimore and simply to ask people to stop killing one another, I was admittedly dismissive. I checked myself pretty quickly and wondered how I had become so cynical in this fight to reduce gun violence. So instead of continuing […]

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2017 MGA Legislative Wrap-Up

April 21

Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence entered the 2017 legislative session with new leadership under President Jen Pauliukonis and Executive Director Elizabeth Banach. Under this new leadership, we significantly grew our grassroots participation and changed the landscape and culture of gun related legislation in Annapolis. Gun violence prevention advocates outnumbered the gun extremists on ‘Gun Day” […]

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