Statement on reaching 300 homicides in Baltimore
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This morning Baltimore City reached a tragic milestone for the 6th year in a row: 300 homicides. The vast majority of those murders, 270 of them, were committed with guns. Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence remains committed to creating a more just and equitable society where reaching the 300th murder each year becomes the exception and not the norm. We should all be enraged that our neighbors, most of them young Black and Brown men and women, are being killed. We applaud Mayor-elect Brandon Scott for creating The Public Health and Safety Transition Committee led by Errika Bridgeford and Dr. Daniel Webster. We encourage leaders to look to the example set by the Maryland Violence Prevention Coalition (MVPC). MVPC is a coalition of organizations with a joint mission of reducing violence and improving living conditions in underserved Maryland communities. Using a community-led approach, MVPC seeks to empower the voices often neglected and educate elected officials and the public about urgent community needs.  We are optimistic that under this leadership, Baltimore will be able to break this cycle of violence.