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What is the most important thing you can do in the next 60 days? Vote!

It has never been more critical that we embrace our civic responsibility to vote by taking the steps necessary to make that a possibility. From the local level to the federal, vote for candidates who support gun violence prevention efforts. Just this week, NPR (Guns in America) featured members of the Maryland Violence Prevention Coalition talking about the significance of Violence Intervention and Prevention Programs. We need courageous politicians who will support these programs and other evidence based programs to prevent gun violence.

Take some time right now to work through your plan and be sure that your vote will be counted in November.

1.Do you need to register or update your information?  If yes, click here. Do this no later than October 13, 2020. If you are already registered and do not need to update your details, move on to #2.  

2.Do you want a mail-in ballot? If yes, follow this link to find your local board of elections to make your request.  Make your request no later than October 20, 2020.

3.Once requested, mail in ballots will start to be received by voters at the end of September.  When you receive your ballot, you should:

    • Use Black Ink to Mark your Ballot.
    • Sign the Return Envelope. Do Not Sign the Ballot. 
    • Seal your Return Envelope. 
    • Send your Ballot using the Postage-Paid Return Envelope.

Voters are urged to return completed ballots as soon as possible to help alleviate the potential for problems with mail delivery. If you are mailing, your ballot must be postmarked by November 3 to be counted. Also, consider delivering your completed ballot to one of the 200 ballot drop boxes that will be located around the state. Ballot box locations will be posted here when the list has been finalized.  

4. Do you wish to vote in person?  If yes, then you may participate in Early Voting or Election Day Voting.

5. Early Voting takes place Monday, Oct. 26 – Monday, November 2 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day at 80 vote centers around the state. Locations of vote centers will be posted here when finalized.

6. Election Day – November 3, 2020 – About 350 Voting Centers will be open on election day and voters can cast their ballots at any center in their county of residence. Baltimore City residents may cast their ballots at any Voting Center in the city. Voters will be socially distanced and limits will be placed on the number of people in the facility. Longer than normal lines should be planned for anticipated.  Vote Centers will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.